Do you know who the world’s oldest surgeon is?


In the most common of circumstances, as soon as he started his professional life he already thinks about how and when he will be when he retires, well, if he has this philosophy of life, prepare to be slightly embarrassed. The story you are going to see today is an example of life, determination and commitment.

Meet Alla illyinichina Levushkina, a medical surgeon about to turn 90 years old, still acts in her profession and is considered to be the oldest medical surgeon in the world. With an impressive 67 years of profession and over 10,000 surgical procedures performed, Alla never thought about retiring, will continue to exercise while it is a possibility.

In an intense rhythm of work, Alla dedicates herself completely to the profession, and if it thinks that the oldest surgeon of the world is only mascot of the hospital where it works, knows that Alla realizes, on average, 4 surgeries every day.

Alla says she does not even know what it would be like if she slowed down at Ryazan City Hospital, near Moscow, Russia. “If I stop working, who will perform the surgeries?” He asks.

And that’s not the only commitment of the world’s oldest surgeon. At home, Alla still takes care of a disabled nephew and 8 pet cats.

And what is the secret of longevity, he wondered. Now, she asks herself how it is possible for the surgeon to have not only the professional skills but the animation to work for, Alla says the answer is simple. For her, medicine is not a profession, but a vocation and the only real reason for its existence.

Alla stated that being a doctor is not a profession, but a way of life.

About her longevity and her energy to work, Alla guarantees that there is no secret. The doctor says she simply lives intensely, laughs, cries, eats everything, is committed to her own happiness and, through it all, still tries to save some lives.