India pioneer in the use of new nuclear technology


India is, of course because of its size, one of the countries with the greatest electrical needs, and decided to drop the coal. Until now, the country depended heavily on coal for electricity production, but everything is about to change, since the country decided to close more than 30 coal mines and decided to move to another type of power plants.

The country is now betting on the use of nuclear technology, and has now a nuclear power plant, like you never dreamed that existed. Indian scientists have spent the last 15 years developing a giant nuclear power plant in Kalpakkam, near Chennai, and this central, unlike others, is dependent on an accelerated production nuclear reactor, which is the result of 27 years of development by the country.

Accelerated nuclear reactors differ from common reactors because the neutrons responsible for the atomic chain, move at much higher speeds, then generating more fuel than they consume, achieving an efficiency of more 70 percent than the traditional reactor, and are also much safer, since the release of radioactivity is significantly lower.

Although India does not have much uranium, it has lots of thorium, having the second largest world reserve of this element, which serves as fuel for the new plant. The only other country in the world with a similar nuclear power plant is Russia and the central is located in Beloyark by the Ural Mountains, but it uses uranium, making India’s a unique central.

There are other countries such as China that are on the way but still far to developing this technology, and France and Japan have already tried to develop similar technologies, but they give up due to technical and security reasons.

This is a major breakthrough for the country, and to meet its electrical needs with the lowest level of pollution and maximum efficiency, and since India is the second most polluting country in the world, only surpassed by China, this step is extremely important. China, on the other hand, has chosen to become a more environmentally friendly country by relying on solar and wind energy.