The incredible graphene rubber bands


A revolution in rubber bands is about to arrive with the help of the world’s largest manufacturer and a group of British scientists. The Alliance Rubber Co., a 94-year-old American company and a major global rubber producer, has just announced a joint venture with researchers at the University of Sussex, and they will develop a graphene rubber band 200 harder than steel.

It is extremely important since this utility with such resistance may have implications in sectors such as freight transport, and the most important of all, is that in theory an elastic these can last forever.

Graphene, as it is known, is an extremely resistant material, about 200 times more resistant than steel, and in fact, it is the more resistant substance existing to our knowledge, in 2008 it was even said that it would be needed an elephant in top of a pencil to be able to pierce a sheet with a thickness of a hair.

Over the next year, the Rubber Alliance and the University of Sussex will jointly develop tests in order to determine the best ratio of graphene to rubber for the desired results, since too little graphene will not give it the desired resistance, and too much would turn it into a solid.

As soon as the company achieves the results, will make the product available to the consumer in the big surfaces. Another crucial point of graphene rubber bands is that they are anti-static, which is absolutely crucial for the electronic goods transport industry. There is also a possibility of integrating small integrated circuits that will make the rubber bands change colors depending on the temperature.

For the daily user, the most crucial point is certainly its endless hardness and duration. Eventually, the brand considers implementing graphene in all the rubber bands it produces.