Iceland named the most peaceful place for the 6th time


If you’re in the move, and want a calm & peaceful place, then Iceland should be in top of your list. According to the Global Peace Index report, and accounting the absence of war, political upheaval and conflict factors, the country is the most peaceful place to live (we’re not talking about inner peace though). It is the 6th time in a row that Iceland wins!

The report used 23 different factors in total, and the countries were ranked between 1 and 5 with 1 being the best, and our winner scored an almost perfect 1.192, followed by Denmark with 1.246 and in third, Austria with 1.278. Add New Zealand, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, Japan and Slovenia and we have our peaceful top 10. You can check on the image below the 40 most peaceful nations.


Among the factors used to determine the scores were violent crime, the number of external conflicts, political instability, military expenditure, volume of nuclear and heavy weapons, the number of violent demonstrations, and the impact of terrorism.

At the bottom part of the list are countries like Syria in 163rd place being the most dangerous (3.806), just a bit ahead of South Sudan (3.593) and Iraq (3.570). The US achieved a score of 2.154 being place at #103 out of 163, pretty bad. The violence cost to humanity is estimated in about 13.6 Trillion US Dollars every year.

Despite the fact that global peace average has declined, 81 countries managed to improve their score, against 79 who saw a drop on it. Deaths resulting from terrorism regretfully increased by 80 percent, and the battle deaths from conflict are at the higher number of the last 25 years.