The Hubble Telescope may be back on track soon


The Hubble Telescope, which suffered a breakdown on 5 of October, may be about to become active again. NASA engineers seem to have finally figured out how to bring the Hubble telescope back into action, after analyzing the equipment that was experiencing problems.

The failure was in the module responsible for controlling the direction of the telescope, essential for its function, and because of this, the device went into safe mode, the team solved the problem by using a spare part that will allow Hubble to operate again, without any kind of problem.

The gyroscope is extremely important and essential to the operation of Hubble, since it is responsible for measuring the speed at which the telescope travels in space, this being the third gyroscope to malfunction in the telescope, of six that integrate it, and although the telescope only needed three gyroscopes to work, NASA was experiencing some troubles with one of them.

The module in question was on standby for seven and a half years, and when NASA decided to activate it, after the failure of the other module, it was sending erroneous readings about the speed of rotation of the telescope, giving information that this would be running much faster than it actually was.

Hubble has the ability to operate with only two gyroscopes, but as it does so, it would be limited on the objects that it could observe, but NASA has been able to solve the problem by first trying to turn it off and back on, without success, and after that, the agency followed a series of procedures that aim to recalibrate the gyroscope in case of problems of alignment of the same, and apparently, this procedure solved the problem.

Although the problem is apparently solved, the telescope has not yet come back on track because NASA is conducting a series of tests to make sure the problem is solved.