The Hopi predict the destruction of planet Earth


The Hopi tribe, a tribe native to South America, mostly Arizona, discovered by the Spaniards in the 16th century, has already made a number of predictions about various events throughout history, and they have been right.

The Hopi predict that in a “near future,” a comet will collide with Earth, ending life, completely on the planet.

The ancient tribe has already accurately described how this apocalypse will come.
After a series of true predictions, people who know the fame of the tribe already fear the worst. The Hopi claim that we now live in the Fourth World, which arose after the three former worlds were destroyed by fire and ice.

This same tribe has already hit eight predictions. This information was passed by an elder of the Hopi tribe, White Feather, he said that his ancestors had already alerted the arrival of the “white men”, referring to the discovery of the Americas by the Europeans. He also added that a strange creature like a buffalo, but with large long horns would invade American territory, in reference to cattle pastures.

Among these predictions made by the Hopi tribe, there was also the prediction that the land would be crossed by iron snakes, that is, the railway lines built by North America. The tribe’s ancestors also predicted that the world would have a large spider’s web, which many people today relate to phones and the Internet.

The next prophecy was the introduction of roads and highways, which they called stone rivers. The Hopi tribe also predicted the oil spill in the Gulf in 2010. The Indians said that all of us would witness the sea becoming black and killing many living things.

For the future, they predicted that many young people with long hair would join tribal nations to learn their knowledge and wisdom. And finally came the prophecy that many are beginning to fear. According to the Indians, “from an abode above the sky shall come a great noise, which shall appear as a blue star.”

This last prediction generated innumerable theories. Some even believe it may refer to a comet that will collide with Earth and thus cause mass extinction, while others believe it is linked to Tiangong 1, a blue communication satellite belonging to China that is lost in space, and that it can be projected back to Earth at any time.

Many believe that the predictions of the Hopi tribe were passed to the Indians by aliens through ancient rock drawings.