High record in cloud business – Microsoft


On the last 20th, Thursday evening, in the quarterly presentation of results, Microsoft announced increases in revenues in the various cloud products, leading to the rise of the stock to the highest value ever in transactions after the closing time for markets.
Exceeding its peak in 1999, the share price has exceeded the threshold of $ 60. In a time when the Internet wasn’t as massive, and personal computers didn’t live in a golden age nor Microsoft had a huge business based on selling software like Windows and Office.

In the other hand, the copies of software sales model, where there was only one payment method, the services and products available through the cloud are normally paid by consumers and/or companies in a subscription model. Microsoft said the annualized revenue of all these services will exceed 13 billion dollars (12 billion euros).

These results “show a continuous demand for our services based on the cloud”, said the financial director of the company, Amy Hood. On the other hand, the sale of Windows so computer manufacturers can pre-install the system on their devices has stagnated, while revenues fell 5% for video games (Microsoft manufactures the Xbox console). Advertising revenue associated with the search engine Bing increased by approximately 9% and the business of mobile phones (which Microsoft essentially gave up) fell 72%. The company reported profits of 4,700 million dollars in July, August and September (down from 4,900 million in the same period of 2015) and total revenues were 20.5 billion (up slightly from 20,400 million 2015).