Google Street View on the Space Station


Doing accounts, located 400 kilometers above our heads, there is a small object that constantly rotates under all of us. This is no more than 109 meters by 73 and travels at a very impressive speed: 7.69 km / s, or 27 685.7 km / h. Every 24 hours it makes 15 Earth orbits. We are referring to the International Space Station (ISS) of everything that was ever created, it is in fact the most expensive ever built by humanity, and the value reaches 150 billion dollars.

But this is undoubtedly one of the greatest human achievements and will also be one of the most difficult to visit. The truth is that most of us have heard reports of how life is on board, we also watch movies about how astronauts exercise, wash, eat, cope with water shortages and lack of gravity, among other things that they have to change and overcome.

But somehow, none of these videos really gives us the idea of what the ISS is like on the inside. For many demo videos, guided tours we see, we never have the approximate feel of this really inside the Space Station.
But that was before. Google Street View has now made a giant leap into space, and it shows us what the station is like on the inside, at 360 degrees, with all its tangle of cables and tubes and bags and parts. Nor would it take the lack of gravity to realize that there is no real roof or floor.

It’s a small, tight space, but this is the home of six astronauts, and it’s got the best views of Earth, at least because of the number of windows the Station has, they should have.

It is true that Google did not send one of its Street View cars into space and all the technology involved was provided by the Space Station, however, it was by no means an easy job to do.

The video shows a summary of this process: