Google reCAPTCHA v3 promises to simplify your life


We are all already familiar with the Captcha system and in particular with Google reCAPTCHA, which protects sites from being attacked or stuffed with spam, but which are so inconvenient, and both bother us, but Google promises to bring in version 3 of reCAPTCHA, the solution to the inconvenience that bothers us.

The idea of helping protect a website is always positive, but none of us appreciate the challenges that the reCAPTCHA system requires, which are often complicated to complete, with words difficult to decipher, or images in which we cannot find the elements that should be detected.

But the new reCAPTACHA v3, according to the computing giant, will make this problem a problem of the past by reducing the need for human interaction in identifying possible bots.

The system evaluates the interactions of users on the different pages they visit, classifying them with values between 0 and 1, filtering the yes through these behaviors, whether it is a human being, or a bot and it will be possible to consult the list of the 10 most frequent actions in websites, being able to detect eventual attacks attempts.

There are also other novelties and it is possible to ask users for a two-factor verification or over the phone to the highest risk situations or use an internal database with data such as user profiles or transaction history and use this data for machine learning.

We could not be more grateful to Google, not only to help us protect our websites and web applications, but also to make the experience simpler for users.