Google Maps to travel through the planets and moons of the Solar System


Google already allows us to “travel” through the Universe, learn how to access the new functionality of the most used mapping service on the Internet.

Google has just expanded its mapping service to the entire Solar System. From now on, it becomes possible to travel through the planets and moons all through the screen of our computer.

This new feature was unveiled this week on the official blog of the world’s largest Internet search engine, according to which the most recent images taken by NASA and ESA, the European Space Agency, were used to make these interactive maps.

To access these features, simply go to and click on your destination on the right, or log in normally to, choosing the satellite view and zooming out outer space. It seems more complicated, but it’s much more interesting.

Although this started as a land map service, Google Maps has long since crossed borders. The news is that the service has returned to bet on space travel to add new destinations to its repertoire.

Thus, in each planet or moon are marked the regions and the most important geographical features, which makes this functionality also an important educational tool. However, it is not free of lapses. Planetary Society specialist Emily Lakdawalla wrote on Twitter that she had found badly placed labels on some moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Available to explore on Google Maps are now more than 12 new planets and moons. The images were created with the help of more than 500,000 photographs captured over the years by probes, such as the old Cassini, and other monitoring and measuring devices that traveled through the “big void”.

The images were articulated by the astronomical artist Björn Jónsson, who created virtual versions of moons like Europe, Ganymedes, Reia and Mimas, and of planets like Pluto and Venus. Most of the images were provided by NASA and the European Space Agency.