Foldable Phones are coming thanks to Samsung


For years we dreamed of unimaginable concepts of mobile phones, extremely futuristic, and suddenly, the future arrived! We have already seen a lot of movies with futuristic devices that fold and unfold to become more practical to use, and now Samsung has decided to bring the future to the present and delight our imagination.

This week, Samsung introduced its Infinity Flex screen, which can convert from a tablet-sized screen to a smartphone-sized screen, and although this is not the first time we see the concept, it is certainly the first time we see it applied in a device that will be released already next year and although the device has been purposely presented in a reduced light in order to prevent clones, it is possible to see that the device is much more than a mere concept.

In fact, Samsung is using two independent screens to achieve the effect having a larger inside, and a smaller one on the outside. The interior screen has 7.3 inches, and a resolution of 1536×2152, which after folding reveals the secondary screen of 4.58 inches, and 840×1960 resolution.

To achieve this incredible achievement, the Korean brand had to develop a new material to protect the screen, since the glass is not collapsible, and for this reason, created for Infinity Flex a protector in a material that is both resistant and flexible, managing to maintain its resistance even after being folded thousands of times.

Of course, this is the first smartphone of its kind, and like all current smartphones, it will evolve, and although the device looks incredible, it remains a little broad when compared to current smartphones, the aspect ratio for the device vs screen is quite small, having too much space between the device and its edge, showing a thick bezel.

We must remember that in 2011 the Galaxy Note was considered gigantic and nicknamed phablet, considering it to cross a phone with a tablet, and nowadays, that same phone seems perfectly normal. It should be noted that the Note was only 5.3 inches.