The first Computer Virus


The first computer virus was created in 1972 by Robert Thomas Morris and was christened Creeper. The computer affected by this virus was an IBM 360 series.

This virus, the Creeper, regularly displayed a message that read “I’m a creeper … catch me if you can!” To get rid of it, was created the first anti-virus, dubbed Reaper.
Although they existed some time ago, only 12 years later, in the year 1984, they began to use the word virus associating it with these computer problems. It all started in Bell Computers labs, when several programmers had the idea of developing a game called Core Wars, which was meant to take up all of the RAM memory of the opposing team in the best possible time.

It was then that there was an explosion of computer viruses, which began to attack the various parts of the computer, from the boot parts of the diskettes, to those that were attached in the emails. The beginning of this epidemic occurred in 1986, when the Bouncing Ball, Marijuana and Brain viruses, which were the most important viruses to be spread in mass, appeared to infect the boot sector of the diskettes. Later, new viruses began to appear that lodged in executable files (.exe) and command files (.com).

1991 Casino was the most striking virus in the history of computer attacks. This virus was active on three specific days of the year, specifically on January 15, April 15 and August 15, showing the following image on the computer screen:


This virus threatened to erase the entire computer data structure (FAT). In a sarcastic way, it showed the message that read, “I have destroyed the fat on your disk! However, I have a copy in RAM, and I’m giving you the chance to restore your precious data “, the user then had the chance to play a “Slot Machine” style game (hence the name of the Casino virus). If he managed to hit three letters “L”, he would restore all the data and that would be fine, saying goodbye to the message that read, “Bastard! You’re lucky this time, but for your own sake, switch off your computer now and don’t turn it on until tomorrow! “. In case we did not leave to such winning sequence, of course the solution would not be so simple.