The first Chinese quantum telecommunication satellite has already sent data


The world’s first quantum telecommunication satellite, launched by China a year ago, has already successfully sent data to Earth, laying the foundation for a global quantum communications network.

Who first reported it was the official Xinhua agency, which advanced that QUESS (Quantum Space Exploration Experiment) operated successfully and the results have already been published by the academic journal Nature.

It was a great success and Chinese scientists thus became the first to conduct quantum communication from a satellite to Earth after exactly one year ago in August 2016 they launched the Jiuquan, in the Gobi Desert (northwest of the country).

All quantum communication is based on changes in the state of subatomic particles, such as photons, and can have two great utilities, a faster data transmission system than the current one, and impossible to intercept, and more complicated teleportation.

The United States, Europe or even Japan have already experienced quantum communication at the surface, but China, which has also started developing such a transmission network between Beijing and Shanghai, is undoubtedly the first country to do so. From space.

“The satellite has already sent quantum communication to the ground stations in Xinglong and Nanshan in north and northwest China, respectively”, said the Chinese physicist Pan Jianwei, who heads the project, quoted by Xinhua.

The distance from the communication between the satellite and the ground station varies between 645 and 1,200 kilometers and the transmission speed is up to twenty times higher than the maximum speed reached with optical fiber.

Quantum communication “can, for example, allow an absolutely secure telephone call or transmit a large amount of bank data”, said Pan.

“The satellite-based quantum-key distribution can be linked to metropolitan quantum networks” and serve to “connect numerous users within a city over 100 kilometers”, he added.

Scientists hope to apply this new type of communication in areas such as Defense or even Finance.