The fastest animal in the world is near extinction


The cheetah is considered the fastest terrestrial animal species in the world, however, its extinction is imminent, according to data revealed in a new study.

The cheetah is in fact considered to be the world’s fastest terrestrial species, the risk that this species runs extinct will soon be something real if something is not done to reverse this trend. This reality comes from data released by a joint research carried out by the Zoophile Society of London and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

The numbers impress anyone and trigger the alarms, out of captivity, in full nature, it is estimated that there are only about 7,100 specimens of cheetahs worldwide, and only 9% of what is considered the Its natural habitat is populated by species.

Geographically, and according to the Independent newspaper, it is in Asia that the growing disappearance of what is considered the fastest land animal in the world is felt. In Iran, for example, there are fewer than 50 cheetahs. Already in Zimbabwe, in 10 years, the number of cheetahs living in the territory fell by 85%, hunting is said to be the main cause of extinction in this area.

In this study led by Sarah Durant, it is also stated that most of the places inhabited by cheetahs, about 77%, are not protected zones, which greatly aggravates the level of threat to which the species is already subject. Durant further stated, “this study represents the most comprehensive analysis of calico status to date.

“The researcher points out that the results obtained in the study show that the threats to the species are numerous, meaning that the imminence of “extinction is much greater than previously thought”.

In light of these data, the status of the species is now called “vulnerable” to “threatened” in the list of endangered species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.