The famous Vespa announces the launch of electric scooter


The Vespa Elettrica will have a range of 100 kilometers and its batteries have a validity of 10 years, already for lovers of hybrids, Piaggio will also launch the Elettrica X.

The Vespa will add to its brand, a fully electric scooter, and will be already in 2018. The announcement was made by Piaggio during the last edition of the international motorcycle fair in Milan (EICMA), which runs until November 12 in the Italian city.

The vehicle will reach the market under the name Vespa Elettrica and will have a range of 100 kilometers, but, like all trams, this number may vary depending on the use that is given.

Piaggio also said that the bike will perform better than a 50cc scooter, but the autonomy of this scooter is only a third of what consumers can get with the Spring model (which is the cheapest available by the brand). Therefore, it is important to note that, in order to charge the battery in its entirety, it will take four hours, a process that can be carried out in any traditional outlet (Piaggio also said).

Elettrica’s batteries have a shelf life of about 10 years (between 50 and 70 thousand kilometers) and the Italian manufacturer also reveals that after a thousand charging cycles, they will only have 80% of their original capacity. It is not yet certain, however, whether it will be possible to replace the battery.

If these values do not please consumers, know that the Vespa will also provide a hybrid edition – the Elettrica X – with a gas generator that will double the autonomy.

Regarding other tangible technologies, Elettrica will also have a 4.3-inch display on the display, which will display information such as speed, remaining range and battery level. You can also connect the Bluetooth headset to your mobile phone so it can display information about calls and messages. In an application you can still see diagnostics of vehicle status.

In the path of accessories, the Vespa will also launch a new helmet that can be connected to the bike, it will have speakers and a built-in microphone, so that the driver can control the contents of the phone, such as music, GPS or telephone calls.

Vespa Elettrica will hit the market as early as 2018, but the price remains unveiled.