An explorer encountered a rare species of albino moose in Sweden


This is a truly rare case around the world, this week an explorer managed to find a white elk in Sweden. This species is extremely rare and the images quickly spread on social networks mainly because of the animal’s unusually.

The elk is a deer animal, the largest deer, which can reach more than 2 meters in height at the level of the shoulders and weigh more than 700 kg (in the case of males, females are slightly smaller in size and weight). The elk is an animal typical of circumpolar regions, in Europe, mainly in Finland, Sweden and can also be found in Norway. However, the animal is rarely seen and extremely rare, so there are few specimens of this species.

This white moose, of a very rare species, was sighted near the rivers of Varmland, place to the west of Sweden. And it was an explorer, named Hans Nilsson, who discovered the animal and who even managed to record the moment in video. In the images, we can see the moose crossing a small river from one margin to the other. This video ended up being posted on Facebook from a Swedish radio station.

The white skin tone of this species helps to camouflage itself in the snow of the woods during the winter, reason why they are rare to be sighted during that height. In addition, it is estimated that there are only about 100 white elk in the world. This helps to make this “meeting” unique.

The explorer will have taken three years in his search for this animal and did not hide the satisfaction, “It is a majestic moose. I think it drew so much attention because it’s very unusual”, he told a Swedish radio station.

“It was amazing to see such a unique animal up close. He did not seem to be concerned about the presence of a human”, Nilsson concluded.