Elon Musk’s first tunnel will open on December 10


Elon Musk’s first tunnel, the Boring Company, located in Los Angeles, will be inaugurated in about 11 weeks on December 10.

Elon Musk used his Twitter to announce the inauguration of the company’s first tunnel, which was built to complement the tunnel extension initially used by Musk’s company as test. The new tunnel will allow passengers to travel at speeds of up to 240 km/h.

Elon Musk’s idea for these tunnels is to be able to move people between different cities and areas of the city in the shortest time, in order to avoid not only the transit, but also better to monetize your personal time, reducing travel time, and the idea of the businessman is to take people from strategic points of the city to offices and car parks.

In the future, Elon believes that the technology will allow traveling up to 967 km/h, using hyperloop technology, drawing air from the tunnel in order to decrease the air resistance, and thus consequently increasing speed.

This is not the first time that Musk uses Twitter to announce something about his companies, being for him common practice, having even recently existed a lot of furor, due to a Tweet in which Elon said to be considering to make the company (TESLA) private to $ 420 per share, but that later, due to lack of word for lack of investors, it was not effective, with SEC, the American company responsible for surveillance of speculation in the United States, fined both the company and the businessman, at 20 million of dollars each.