Elon Musk offers to solve the problem of Puerto Rico


After the Puerto Rican power grid was virtually destroyed by Hurricane Maria’s devastating passage, Elon Musk now offered a unique opportunity. Elon Musk says he can solve the current problem of the Puerto Rican power grid using Tesla’s solar panels and batteries, and Island Governor Ricardo Rossello says he has every interest in talking to Elon Musk about it.

At a time when only ten percent of the island of Puerto Rico has electricity after Hurricane Maria’s recent devastating onslaught on it, and the state-owned company responsible for electricity and grid maintenance, says some communities will not be able to have light again during the next six months, Elon Musk reported through his Twitter that he has the possibility of rebuilding the island’s electricity grid using independent batteries and solar energy.

Musk said that this is not the first time the company has done anything of the sort, provided in its repertoire with several islands already, and that although the previous ones have a smaller dimension, there is no limit to the scalability of the solution, being perfectly feasible do it also on the island of Puerto Rico.

He said that such a decision only needs the approval of the political forces, and the people of Puerto Rico to advance. The director of the island’s innovation office, Glorimar Ripoli, also responded via Twitter, saying it fully supports the solution and the innovation it brings.

At this time Tesla has already shipped hundreds of Powerwall batteries and has specialized technicians on the island giving training to local on how to proceed to install the system.

This is not the first time Musk has come forward working with Tesla on the basis of a publication on Twitter, he has already secured a deal to install a battery plant in southern Australia last March, and has gone even further, stating that The installation would be complete within a maximum period of 100 days after the start of the installation, which began last month, otherwise the whole installation, both in services and products, would be offered, representing in this case a loss for Tesla about of $ 50 million.