Dubai inaugurates autonomous taxi system


Tesla has just delivered the first 50 autonomous taxis of 200 that are ordered to Dubai. Earlier this year the United Arab Emirates signed a protocol with Tesla to provide 200 self-driving Model S and Model X vehicles equipped with Tesla’s revolutionary autopilot software to serve as a taxi in Dubai.

Tesla’s hardware technology already allows for 100 percent autonomous driving, but in terms of software it still requires software-level tuning in order to become safe enough to no longer require the presence of a driver.

The brand of Elon Musk has put a lot of effort on improving its autonomous driving technology not only to allow the driver a more relaxed ride but also to increase the safety level of his vehicles in order to protect the driver and occupants. It has also constantly tried to prepare the technology for 100 percent autonomous driving, for a better world and better traffic flow in cities.

The country plans to invest much more in autonomous taxis, but it is not the only country to do so, Uber has already begun to implement partially autonomous vehicles in Pittsburgh, and Washington has also demonstrated its interest in autonomous public transport vehicles in order to the safer roads and reduce the traffic in them.

According to one study, about 95 percent of all fatal traffic accidents are the result of human driving errors, so autonomous driving technology will be extremely important in reducing this number.