Developed in Portugal, new app helps identify symptoms of anemia


“Symptoms of iron deficiency”, so called the new application, developed in Portugal, which is committed to help solve a problem that affects about a third of the world population.

Data collected and retained by the World Health Organization have revealed that iron deficiency is a widespread problem, as well as one of the main causes of anemia, which is an illness affecting one in five Portuguese adults. an even greater impact worldwide.

Lack of iron in the blood may be related to poor or poor diet, that is, a diet that is very poor in iron, or even the loss of large amounts of blood, either through a hemorrhage or through a large flow during menstruation, as can occur in women who have one or more fibroids (for example).

But, more specifically, 52.7% are cases of anemia resulting from an iron deficiency. And once this is installed, it means that iron is insufficient to meet the needs of the body, since it is an essential element for the healthy functioning of the entire human body, including organs such as the heart, muscles and also red blood cells, and may have some impact on mental health.

And it was precisely to think of this need to identify these cases, that the application “Symptoms of iron deficiency”, developed in Portugal, was already available for the Android versions.

This application also contains an interactive symptom explorer, informative videos, a discussion guide for patients and links to the site, on which the application was inspired. For this project and the design of this app, the main objective is for users to learn to recognize the symptoms of iron deficiency and anemia caused by iron deficiency.

To combat these symptoms, it is recommended to eat foods rich in iron, such as those of animal origin, as well as fruits like dried apricot, dried black plum and strawberries, since they are all rich in iron.