Created glue that can seal wounds in 60 seconds


A surgical and elastic glue was developed, capable of sealing wounds in a matter of mere seconds. This gel, based on hybrid elastic protein, known as MeTro, aims to transform the sealing of critical wounds in emergency situations, both on the skin as in the organs, without any need for sutures.

Not only is this an amazing gel to seal wounds, whether internal or external, as it has the ability to improve their healing process, and according to the team of scientists behind this glue, it can save several lives, and even though until now the tests have been done only on animals, the tests on humans are being done at the moment, and they appear to be quite promising.

The most spectacular of the MeTro formulation is that as soon as it comes into contact with the surfaces of the tissue, it goes to a phase where it becomes a gel, avoiding to drain, and then it is exposed to an ultraviolet light in order to seal definitively.

In the tests carried out so far, they have detected that wounds treated using glue with MeTro technology, healed in half the time when compared to wounds closed with stitches or staples, and the tissue undergoes much less aggression in the healing process.

Thanks to an enzyme present in the glue, which has as function to determine the duration of effectiveness of the glue, the doctors can set a shorter duration, in the scale of hours, or longer, like months.

In critical situations, such as those occurring every day in emergency services, where speed is crucial, the MeTro glue can be the difference between saving a life or not, making an incredible difference in cases such as a perforated lung, and plus, this glue work a bit like the silicone that is used to apply windows for example.

This revolutionary glue is the result of the work of several scientists and several years of work, but the possibilities for its use, and the number of lives that it can save, make all the effort involved worthwhile.