Coronavirus won’t affect iPhone production


Foxconn, based in Taiwan, but operating several factories in China, reveals that it is not concerned for now that the coronavirus will prevent it from fulfilling its “production obligations”. “We are closely monitoring the public health challenges associated with the coronavirus and are applying the recommended health and hygiene measures to all aspects of the operation in the affected markets.

Our facilities in China are on holiday schedules and will continue to do so until all companies start operating within normal hours, ”quotes The Verge. It is recalled that the Chinese government extended the holiday period that marks the Chinese New Year celebrations as a way to mitigate the spread of the virus. Although the company does not reveal details about the production, but reinforces that measures have been taken to meet the expectations of the brands it works with.

The situation in China is affecting other technologies, due to the predominant role that the country has in world production. Facebook, LG and Razer have already limited employees’ visits to China, while other brands ask workers who have traveled to the affected areas to work from home.

Apple relies on Foxconn’s factories in Zhengzhou, China and Pegatron’s in Taiwan to produce the iPhone. Although both are hundreds of kilometers away from Wuhan, the outbreak still poses some level of risk. Any irregularity affecting the complex component production circuit for Apple could lead to delays in the production of other devices, warns an analyst heard by Bloomberg.

The coronavirus has already caused more than one hundred deaths and infected thousands of people worldwide.

Source: Visão