Como seria uma Explosão Nuclear no Espaço?


Assustadoramente Espectacular na Verdade. A 9 de Julho de 1962, os Estados Unidos detonaram um Arma Nuclear, apelidada de “Starfish Prime”, a 386.000 metros de Altura – com uma Potência Explosiva de 1.45 Megatons, cerca de 100 vezes mais poderosa do que a Bomba de Hiroshima.

The ‘controlled’ explosions were one of 5 suborbital tests conducted by the U.S during the Cold War and the nuclear arms race, as part the effects of nuclear weapons in high altitudes/outer space. Once detonated, the warheads generate not only heat and light, but incredible amounts of X- and gamma rays. Effects of the blast were felt thousands of kilometres away, and still resonant today.

In a short period of time, the effects of the bomb were felt from Hawaii to New Zealand, as planes experienced electrical surges, lamplights were blown out and a giant aurora bloomed in the sky. An electromagnetic field was created above the earth, far larger than scientists predicted, as electrons were excited and accelerated to incredible speeds.

Here’s what it looked like: