Combined, diabetes and obesity boosts cancer


A recent study has found that diabetes and obesity, once combined, can potentiate the onset of cancer and will still be the source of 800,000 cancers worldwide, according to research by Imperial College London, a British university.

According to the new study, new cases of cancer worldwide are almost 6%, and were caused by the combined effects of diabetes and overweight. In the 12 types of cancer investigated, the two factors combined were responsible for 800,000 new cases of cancer.

When analyzed individually, overweight was responsible for almost double the number of cases of cancer, and thus assigned the number of 544,300 cases, compared to 280,100 cases attributed to diabetes.

According to the study released this week in the journal Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, one in four diabetes-related cancer cases was attributed to the worldwide increase in diabetes between 1980 and 2002. It is also known that almost one-third of cases of cancer related to obesity, were attributed to the increase in the number of overweight people, during the same period.

The cancers caused by the combination of the two risk factors were almost twice as common in women as in men, accounting for 496,700 cases compared to 295,900 cases in men alone.
According to the authors of this study, if global rates of diabetes and overweight continue to increase worldwide, cancer cases attributed to the combination of the two factors will increase by 30% in women and 20% in men, until the year 2035.

To perform this study the researchers collected data on cases of 12 different types of cancer in about 175 countries in the year 2012. And they combined those numbers with data on overweight and diabetes.

The two factors contributed to ¼ of the liver cancers in the world and to more than a third of the endometrial cancers (uterus).

In men, liver cancer was the most common cause of diabetes and obesity, followed by colorectal cancer. In women, breast cancer was higher than the values, followed by the endometrium (lining of the uterus), always taking into account the two factors, conjunction of diabetes and obesity.

The largest number of cancer cases detected were attributed to Western countries, with breast cancer being the most common, already in East and Southeast Asia, liver cancer due to diabetes and being overweight was the most persistent.