China and Russia consider joint mission to the moon


China and Russia will now sign an agreement to deepen cooperation in the space area, which will include the possibility of joint manned missions to the moon, the official Daily People’s Daily reported.

Under this agreement, which will run from 2018 to 2022, it will be signed in October, and includes the possibility of a manned moon mission. This mission will be carried out jointly by both countries involved.

The People’s Daily recalled that this is not the first agreement between Beijing and Moscow in this area, but this is, for all intents and purposes, the first covering a period of five years, allowing in that timeframe to set more ambitious goals and achieve better results.

However, much due to budgetary issues, Russia failed to maintain the level of ambition of the former Soviet Union in the space exploration sector, while China has a broader, but less experienced, budget. Thus, there is a complement and a series of advantages for them to unite in this mission and investigation in the space sector.

The steps most recently taken by the Chinese space program, which Beijing sees as a symbol of China’s progress, have focused essentially on the exploration of our natural satellite, the Moon.

So, in the coming months, Beijing plans to launch a mission that will bring to our planet Earth samples of the surface and atmosphere of the Moon. In the next year 2018, the country will begin the construction of a space station with the permanent presence of crew, this structure should be completed in the year 2022.

China, meanwhile, plans to send a mission to Mars sometime in the year 2020 with a robot vehicle for scientific research purposes. Last year, the country inaugurated the world’s largest radio telescope, half a kilometer in diameter.