Can Threema Dethrone WhatsApp?


We are all used to working with WhatsApp, which has become an essential tool in this digital world, both in the professional field and in the personal field. Although WhatsApp is the industry leader, the new Threema app wants to change this scenario, using privacy as its main weapon.

In today’s world, with special emphasis in particular for the last year, privacy have been getting its due importance, and until now, the leaders on the communication area in terms of privacy and security were the Telegram and Signal apps, due to their high level of security, since both of them encrypt all communications to ensure that your conversations remain private, but Threema intends to take security a step further.

So far, the only application that remains unharmed in terms of security is Signal, since Messenger and WhatsApp have very low security standards and Telegram security has been reportedly broken several times.

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But let’s go to Threema, and why this is a different approach in the area of ​​communications. To begin with, this application complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which has been getting loads of attention in the last months, and besides, it does not present any kind of publicity or investors, thus eliminating possible conflicts of interest, besides in addition, the app guarantees anonymity, and does not require authentication through the user’s phone number.

Here are some of the features of Threema

– Support for voice calls

– Sending any type of file

– Web Support

– Location sharing

– Creation of groups

– Verification of identity through the QR code

– Ability to create anonymous chats

This app has been developed in Europe, more precisely in Switzerland, and guarantees an end-to-end level of encryption, and is also available for all the major platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows, and we recommend you try this new ally in the area of secure communications.