Brazilian photographer discovers an Amazonian tribe


The author of this discovery is called Ricardo Stuckert and he’s a Brazilian photographer, he passes his life to photograph by passion and profession. However, and although photography is his job, it was by chance that he discovered something to capture, which is fascinating lovers of photography and indigenous culture.

Everything happened when Stuckert flew by helicopter, the Amazon forest, in the area of Acre, the Brazilian northwest. He moved to photograph another tribe of Indians, but in the village of Caxinauá, however, there was a storm that made the journey see its course changed.

On the way, and already high in the helicopter, he saw a tribe of Indians, as expected, pulled the machine and pointed the lens to capture the moment.

Something like this is considered normal, since there are about 80 indigenous communities inhabiting Amazonian forest. However, this finding is considered different because the tribe in question, better known as “Indians of the Maitá,” is one of the most isolated and little or nothing is known of her history.

“I took the camera and started shooting”. “I did not even have time to think about what was happening”, Stuckert said in an interview. The Brazilian photographer also affirmed that the body paintings of the Indians were the most appealing to him.

He had the idea that they use them as a camouflage, but not only. According to Stuckert, “when we are cold, we wear more clothes, but they put paint on the body to protect themselves”.

“I have to photograph this, it has to be preserved”, said the photographer when he realized the tribe’s existence.

On his Instagram page, Ricardo Stuckert published one of the photographs he took. In a short text that accompanies the image, Stuckert writes about how “incredible” the world, despite its evolution, still have people in such a natural state.

It was on a helicopter trip, diverted by a storm, that the photographer Ricardo Stuckert discovered by chance, a new tribe of Indians in the middle of the Amazon. And of course, he did not leave the machine in his backpack.