Black Sea: The oldest shipwreck in the world with more than 2400 years


The oldest shipwreck ever was found on the bottom of the Black sea, with an estimated date of more than 2400 years, it is thought that the boat may have belonged to Greece.

The discovery was made when a group of archaeologists were exploring the bottom of the Black Sea, and during this analysis to the depths, they detected the colossal boat of 23 meters in length, which still has its mast and rudder intact.

The vessel was discovered about 2 kilometers deep in the sea by divers from the Black Sea Maritime Archeology Project (MAP) and concluded that the incredible state of preservation of the boat is due to the lack of oxygen in the water at such depth, and according to the person responsible from the study, Professor Jon Adams, he would never consider finding a boat in such a state of preservation, with almost 2km of water above, and this discovery may change the shape and areas we look for ship wreckage of the ancient world.

The researchers believe that the shipwreck should be a Greek merchant vessel, similar to those that can be observed in some of the recovered ceramic vessels of the ancient Greece, such as the famous Siren Vase, which is in exhibition at the British Museum.

Due to the extreme depth of the shipwreck, it will be kept where it is, however small samples were taken for the carbon dating, which concluded the age of the boat.

The project already counts with the discovery of more than 60 shipwrecks dating between the Roman empire and the seventeenth century. This new discovery leads us clear to questioning what else we may be unaware of, since a vast extension of the Earth’s oceans and seas remains unexplored.