Audi goes to the moon


The brand has been working since 2015, in a vehicle for space exploration, this is the Audi lunar quattro and is almost ready for a real mission. Before that, it can be seen in a movie theater near you.

“Alien: Covenant” premieres in Portugal on May 18, this is the film that marks the return of Ridley Scott to the “Alien” universe with an improbable actor, the Audi lunar quattro, who makes his first film appearance of this Form, and soon into a science fiction film. This vehicle results from a collaboration started in 2015, between the Audi brand and the startup, also German, Part-Time Scientists.

In another sequel to the saga “Alien,” the crew of the colonizing ship Covenant, who travels to a remote planet at the edge of the galaxy, discovers what is beginning to be considered an unexplored paradise. Although in reality, it is a dark and dangerous world. The mission of the Audi lunar quattro, as an integral part of the Covenant, is to help Faris (Amy Seimetz) navigate and evaluate the new and unknown terrain of an discovered planet.

“Integrating the Audi lunar quattro into the film is part of a partnership between Twentieth Century Fox and Audi. The ‘Alien’ saga is perfect to spark interest in the lunar vehicle developed by Audi and to showcase the brand’s intelligent technologies in a visionary environment, “commented Audi’s International Marketing and Communications Vice President Giovanni Perosino.

Twentieth Century Fox’s Vice President of Marketing and Sponsorship Zachary Eller also underlined the advantages of this collaboration, noting that it not only highlights “the innovative work that Audi is doing in the field of space exploration”, as Also gave filmmakers the ability to “integrate cutting-edge technology into their futuristic world”.

As a result of this collaboration, Twentieth Century Fox also made a short film, in which the Audi lunar quattro appears to patrol a ship, the vehicle detects an unidentified way of life and then prepares to investigate.

On a more serious note, according to the statement issued by the German brand, the Audi lunar quattro is ready for a real trip to the moon. For two years, the brand has been working with a team led by Robert Böhme, founder and CEO of Part -Time Scientists, on the development of the lunar rover. Audi technicians have contributed their knowledge in terms of all-wheel-drive systems (quattro technology), light construction, and development of vehicles with electric motors or hybrid plug-in (e-tron) engines.
Thus, according to the press release, the choice of the best materials made it possible to reduce the weight of the lunar vehicle by about 30 kg, with 85% being aluminum, a material that takes shape using 3D metal printing technology. A revolving solar panel also provides power to the rover, which also features the quattro system and an e-tron engine.

The trip to the Moon has already been further afield, he assured Audi, announcing that this mission is about to take place in the very near future.