Asparagus may or may not be linked to Cancer


A recent study by the famous journal Nature, have just suggested that asparagine, a compound found in the Asparagus, may help to spread an aggressive form of breast cancer through the body.

Although the study is true, there are a few important details in the study that people in general are ignoring and that are quite important. First of all, the research as you might suspect, was done on mice, and although mice are commonly used in studies, they are not humans, so they don’t react to diseases the same way we humans do.

Asparagine did not cause cancer, not even on mice, what happened was that the triple-negative breast cancer, spread faster than normally expected, but that was with this specific type of cancer, as none other was tested.

Further research is needed to check if the same is true in humans, and if this extends to other types of cancer, and if this proves true, the researchers may be able to come up with some new ways to treat the cancers affected by this compound.

Doctors may consider if the above proves true, to cut or block the production of asparagine in the body, which is important since our bodies naturally produce the compound, and it is present all around us. For example, it is present in beef, eggs, fish, potatoes, nuts, legumes, seeds and soy, and although the levels are pretty low in most of them, in asparagus the levels are pretty high.

Of course that we already know that a diet change can positively decrease the cancer growth, as we seen in prior studies which link sugar intake to it.

The study and learning about how asparagine and other foods affect the cancer growth is still very recent and further research is needed, and this may lead to more efficient and better treatments in the future, and since that after testing an asparagine-stopping drug on affected mice, the cancer slowed its growth, the future may be quite bright.