Was The Ancient “Bermuda Triangle” Mystery Solved?


A mystery that already intrigued Christopher Columbus, in 1492, he had been surprised when he’s compass stopped working properly and at the same time saw strange lights in the sky. This mystery remained over the years, surrounded by theories that included alien hand. And the mystery is this: what’s the reason for the disappearance of ships and aircrafts in this area better known as the “Bermuda Triangle”, which is between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda? Another theory appeared: and it is not aliens, its hexagonal clouds. Strange clouds, scientists say, which act as “bombs”. Capable of destruction with tornado and hurricane force, but with effects in an isolated area.

The British newspaper Independent, and several science websites, are already giving visibility to the latest theory that was presented by scientists to get the old mystery solved, that leads to the disappearance of people, boats and aircrafts. What weather experts detected in this area was the presence or the formation of hexagonal clouds that are combined with strong winds, and have the effect of bombs – as scientists illustrate – and could lead to those disappearances.

The giant storm that all these forces of nature create together, including waves that grow even more when intersect with each other, can be so gigantic that boats and planes drown in the ocean, disappearing in seconds, or are completely destroyed by the force of those winds, equivalent to hurricanes and tornadoes, all without a trace. Simply put, those clouds cause small explosions that may have similar effects to a tornado, but with isolated impact in an area only.