Airbus tests fueling during flight


Airbus and the Spanish Air Force have successfully completed test maneuvers to supply fuel between two planes in mid-flight. The tests carried out in January (the French-based company does not indicate the precise date) involved a C295 aircraft adapted to act as a supply tank and a C295 by the Spanish air force that served as the fuel receiver. The rehearsals took place on the outskirts of Seville.

According to a statement from Airbus, the fueling tests carried out during the day included five “contacts”, which allowed a total of 1.5 tons of fuel to be sent from one aircraft to another.

During the supply phase, a hose and a remote viewing system were used, explains Airbus. Fuel transfer took place at speeds between 185 Km/h and 240 Km/h.

There were also tests during the night with an F18 “fighter”, also from the neighboring country’s air force. These last tests only focused on the preparatory phase for the connection between the two aircraft, through a hose. The tests were carried out at 388 Km/h speed.

With these tests, Airbus reiterates the hope of being able to enter the market with a tactical aircraft that can be used in different scenarios to supply airplanes and helicopters.

Fonte: Visão