According to Google, the dark mode saves a lot of energy


For a long time, we have known that using night mode or dark mode saves battery power on modern OLED screens, something that happens on both the iPhone and Android phones, and this is mainly due to the fact that when we use the dark mode, only a few pixels need to be illuminated, and most of them with low light.

Google has this week, during a convention of android programmers, demonstrated the table below comparing energy expenditure in different states of illumination, having used as a test base, Google Pixel Original.

It is possible, without any difficulty, to notice that white consumes a lot more energy than any of the other colors, and black has practically no consumption when compared to white, and due to this fact, Google finally admitted, that the predominance of the white color in its applications, as well as the icons of the same, or even the interface of the operating system, drastically affects the energy consumption of the phone.

But the company is already making an effort to change the design to make it more energy efficient, being a perfect example of this, both YouTube and the native application of sms, although, contrary to what OnePlus already makes Google not yet available a dark mode for the entire system, thus allowing a high energy savings, increasing exponentially the duration of the battery between charges.