A new Mineral was found in Australia


A team of scientists have found a Mineral, like no other ever found. The Mineral, was found near the road, of a Australia gold rush town.

Back in the days, Wedderburn was a hotspot for the gold prospectors, but despite that, no one have ever found something quite like this new Mineral.

The new mineral was found during the examination of the Wedderburn Meteorite, that was found around the town north-east side, back in 1951. It was a very small meteorite, weighing only around 210 gram, and for the last decades, the scientists have been trying to figure out its secrets, and Chi Ma from Caltech, and her team, may have finally decoded another one.

Chi Ma, analyzed the stone, and dubbed it ‘edscottite’, in honour of Edward Scott, Meteorite Expert at the University of Hawaii, and according to her, this is a new and rare type of iron-carbide mineral, that was never before found in nature.

The meteorite, has been through the hands of dozens of scientists, and at the present, only a third of it remains, back at Museums Victoria in Australia. During the previous tests, many types of minerals have been detected, such as gold, silver, or kamacite, but nothing as unique as Edscottite.

Although unique due to its natural formation, this type of mineral, has already been produced on laboratory in small quantities.

As for the origin of this mineral in specific, it is speculated, that it must have been formed at the core of an ancient planet, that eventually exploded, and ended up on Earth.