The 5000 year-old ‘giants’ from China


A group of archaeologists have just made an incredible discovery in China: skeletons of ‘giants’ with 5000 years. The tombs and their bones were found during an excavation in the Shandong Province, and at least one of the male skeletons, measured 1.9 m, and others were 1.8 m high, which for five thousand years ago, by the time of the Neolithic era, it was clearly a giant height.

We must bear in mind that these is only the height of the skeletons themselves, while living, the humans to whom these skeletons belong, would certainly have had a higher height. As a benchmark, by 2015 the average height of an 18-year-old adolescent in the same region was about 1.75m, and China’s national average of 1.72m.

It seems then that in the region and respecting an average, humans are lower than the inhabitants of the region, although nowadays the inhabitants of the region have a much more balanced and nutritious food. Although we did not know exactly what the average height in the region at that time was, we know that at that time, the average height of male individuals in Europe was about 1.65m, so for the period, these individuals were clearly giants.

Researchers think they were able to achieve these heights due to the high availability and quality of food in the area, and through agriculture, they had a diversified diet. The tallest individual found was in one of the larger tombs, so he was probably an important element of the community, and as such should have had access to the best available food.

The disposition of the ruins of the houses reveals that these had independent rooms and kitchens, revealing that they were highly comfortable, considering that these date from about 5000 years ago, colored pottery and animal bones have also been found, probably from cattle.

Although this data is still preliminary, and will need to be reviewed by other scientists, there is still much to be explored, since only about 2000 square meters of the site were processed.

Nobody knows what could still be buried in the region, but by what was discovered until now, it must be a very important area in archeological terms.