100 Tesla Gigafactories could feed the Planet says Elon Musk


The Gigafactory is the second biggest factory in the world, and Tesla constructed it so it can provide low-cost lithium ion batteries and keep up with the vehicles manufacturer high demand. In a recent video, Tesla’s CEO and founder Elon Musk, actually said the following:

“We actually did the calculations to figure out what it would take to transition the whole world to sustainable energy. You’d need 100 Gigafactories”.

Leonardo DiCaprio met with Musk at the Tesla’s Gigafactory last year, to debate on renewable resources and the future of energy in relation with climate change. We all know Leo is a climate activis, and that he even used his long overdue Oscar acceptance speech, to talk about the serious problems of the climate change and the consequent planet warming.

The main philosophy behind the Tesla Gigafactory is to reach and maintain zero energy consumption, and they state that by 2018, the innovation giant’s factory will reach its full capacity and produce in a single year more lithium ion (Li-On) batteries, than all the humanity ever produced. They also want to bring the production cost of the batteries down, making them more attractive as an alternative energy source.

As Leo entered the factory, he was clearly amazed with the site’s high efficiency.

As Elon stated in the video, since the sun is not shinning all the time, the energy has to be stored in a battery when it does, and adds that if we invest more in this field, we can even avoid building electric plants.

As people think about alternative energies, they keep in mind outdated solar panels, with little to none efficiency, and costing loads of money, however, long was that time and technology, we came a long way since then, and is becoming more and more not the alternative energy source, but the main and rational way to go.

Nowadays, the solar cells are extremely efficient, based on biologic principles like the ones of the photosynthesis and quantum physics, that largely improved its capabilities.

So, we hope that this future is not only near, but that is already here around the corner, cause every second is too late.