10 things you do not know about everyday objects


There are many things we use on our daily basis that we know very little about, here are some of them.

10 – Traffic lights

Why are the traffic lights that we every day found for traffic control colored as red, yellow and green lights?
Everything comes from the origin of the use of traffic lights for signaling, which were used at train level crossings, to warn, where red lights, meant Danger, Green meant attention, and White that allowed the circulation, but due to the possibility of a colored lens falling, and multiple lights seem white, the changed it to red for danger, yellow for attention and green to safely go through, and it was later applied to the management of traffic of the roads.

9 – Power adapters

In our day-to-day, a large part of the electronic devices that surround us uses transformers to adapt to different voltages, in some cases these transformers are external, in order to be easily replaceable in case of failure, and to reduce the size of the product. You’ve probably already been faced with a bump in the cord of the transformer, and eventually you have already asked about why this is there. The part in question is a ferrite core, which aims to eliminate electromagnetic interference from other electronic devices.

8 – Keyboards

We all use in a daily basis an endless number of gadgets to access social networks, search for news and even watch movies. And if you are at the present moment by your computer, you are probably writing using a keyboard, and probably, have already noticed that there are two bumps on keys, more specifically the “F” key and the “J” key. But what is its purpose? It is quite simple, these bumps have been studied to help you put your hands correctly on the keys, so you can position your hands without watching the keyboard.

7 – Padlocks

At one time or another, however varied, we have all had to resort to a padlock, weather it was to use the locker at the gym or to keep memories in a diary. If you have used them many times, you probably already have noticed that in one of its ends there is usually a hole about one millimeter in diameter. But what is the purpose of this? Will it open the lock in case of emergency? Nothing like that, the function of the hole is quite simpler than you might think, and it serves a unique purpose, and it is to keep water off the lock system when sitting in an aquatic environment and rain.

6 – Toothpaste

It is part of the daily routine of the average citizen, brushing our teeth one or more times a day, and regardless of our preferred brand of Toothpaste, we often end up by ourselves, between, brushing our teeth, reading the tube of the Toothpaste, and examining its design. You may have probably already noticed and asked about the purpose of a small colored bar on the back of the toothpaste tube, and this is quite simple, it serves only and exclusively for the production phase, as machines identify the back of the Tube to detect its position and orientation, before moving to the next tube.

5 – Airplane Window

If you have already traveled by plane, you have probably noticed that the windows have a tiny hole, and you must have wondered what the purpose of it is. Well, these small holes serve to equalize the pressure between the cabin and the air in the window panels, because otherwise, due to the variation of the pressure, these could break.

4 – Plastic bottles

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of that little washer underneath the lid of plastic water bottles on your favorite soft drinks? The purpose is simple, and is intended only to protect as bottles from being compressed a point of crushing the top, and they serve as reinforcement.

3 – Disc in the soda cap

Surely you have already noticed, when consuming your preferred soda in plastic bottle, that the coolant cap had a small opaque plastic disc on the inside, and have already probably noticed that even if you remove the disc, the bottle remains unseen. This is because the purpose of the small disc is to seal the gas of the drink, in order to conserve it for a bigger period.

2 – Toothbrush

The reason why toothbrushes have some bristles of different color is for you to know by the discoloration of those, that it is time to trade your old toothbrush for a new one.

1 – Hole in the side of the Ball Point

Have you noticed that most of the ballpoint pens have a small hole in the side? This hole serves to equate the outer and inner pressure of the ballpoint pen, and thus allows it to continue to write since the ink can continue to flow.