10 things you didn’t know about Albert Einstein


We all know Albert Einstein, probably the most intelligent man that ever lived, and that his contributions to science were the greatest since forever, but still, there are a few things you may not know about the iconic scientist.

10 – He did really fail its university entrance exam

Back in 1895, young Einstein of only 16-year-old tried to enroll on the exam to enter in the Swiss Federal Polytechnic, and while his results in physics and math where really exceptional, the other scores were so low, that he failed the exam as a whole.

9 – He was great with music

Einstein started is love for music very early in life, influenced by his mum who played piano, he started to have violin lessons by the age of five, and during all his life he played it, even when he needed to think further about its theories.

8 – He could have been a President

It’s little known, but when the first president of Israel, Chaim Weizmann, died, Albert Einstein was offered the position to succeed him, yet he declined.

7 – He promised his Nobel Prize to his wife even before he won it

Back in 1919, Einstein and his first wife started drawing their divorce papers, and he then, promised to give to her his Nobel Prize money, a while before he actually won it.

6 – He sailed as a hobby

Since his times on university, Einstein loved sailing, although as he stated, he was never any good at it, nor know how to swim, he loved it anyway.

5 – His head was too big at birth

When Einstein was given birth to, his mother thought he had some problem, but upon a close exam by the physicians, they reassure her that it was “normal” and after some weeks, the body grew taking his body-head proportions to more usual values.

4 – He truly had a different brain

Einstein’s brain was studied by multiple researchers after his death, uncovering many curious findings, one of the most intriguing, was the fact that its parietal lobe, the region responsible for mathematical thought and movement, was actually 15 percent larger than the common person, but it weighted less than the common brain.

3 – He left Germany because of Hitler

Only one month after Hitler arise to power, back in 1933, Einstein, who was a Jew, went to live in the United States, never to return again.

2 – He developed most of his theories on a government job

Einstein worked as a patent clerk in a Swiss office, where he had the tedious job of examining patent submissions, but he was so efficient in doing it, that he found spare time to develop his world-changing theories.

1 – His interest with science began at 5 due to a simple compass

When he was only 5 years old and sick, his father showed him a simples pocket compass, which he thought of as a mesmerizing object due to its magnetic functioning, this simple object created his fascination for science.