Zera Food Recycler turns trash into fertilizer


Zera Food Recycler is a new electronic device that revolutionizes the composting process as we know it and makes reusable food scraps that come out every day from our homes.

The creation came out of WLabs, Whirpool’s incubator of innovative new projects, and already had a successful “appearance” at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, United States, earlier this year.

The crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo took the Zera Food Recycler further than expected, with all 100 initial equipment units already booked this August at $ 1,119 each, and final testing is underway to deliver to buyers as soon as possible, so you can see on the respective IndieGogo page.

Zera actually came to revolutionize the composting process as we know it. That is, this recycler is able to transform food remains collected over a week into homemade fertilizer in just 24 hours, and then use this substance in small gardens and gardens.
The whole process can now happen inside the home, unlike conventional composting, and with the support of a mobile app installed on the smartphone.

Zera Food Recycler combines oxygen, moisture, heat and a special additive in the composting process to speed up the waste decomposition process, which is sold in separate packs called Additive Packs (a blend of coconut fiber and sodium bicarbonate).

From your smartphone or tablet, the mobile app will allow you to stop and get Zera running, thereby sending you constant notifications about the process and when it is complete.

The engine crushes the waste, while a carbon-based HEPA filter filters the air needed for the process.

The integrated control panel allows monitoring the progress of the process and sends a warning after seven days of accumulation of food debris, for the user to start composting, which takes about 24 hours to complete.

The Zera design, perfectly suited to any kitchen decor, includes a bucket-out tray that you can use to bring the resulting fertilizer to wherever you want. The device weighs about 53 kg, not being at all portable, and measures 27.9 x 55.8 x 86.3 cm.