Yahoo was the victim of an invasion


Yahoo was again reported for the worst reasons, the company revealed this week that the information contained in the e-mails of a billion people may have been breached.

It’s not being an easy year for Yahoo, as long ago as 2014 it had not been. And we now know that 2013 was not either. Yahoo has assumed this week that billions of accounts, most users of the US giant, will have been invaded by a “state agent” in 2013.

Potentially there are a billion people whose personal and professional communications, passwords, e-mails, medical information, photographs, among other information and private documents, may now be sold in the dark black market of the internet. This is how this security breach was discovered.

The US multinational was still making up the scandal this summer when it revealed that more than 500 million users will have had their e-mail accounts hacked by hackers in the year 2014. The information known this week is a New problem that will affect the credibility of the company, which was recently acquired.

In February 2000, long before the Internet was available everywhere, Canadian Michael Calce, managed to break the security of CNN, Yahoo, and online platforms Amazon and eBay, crippling websites for hours and costing many. Millions of dollars to the injured.

Already in 2015, in what may have been, the most media scare of the year, a group of hackers accessed the personal information of the 39 million people who had registered on the site to “commit infidelity.” The names of users, e-mail addresses and sexual fantasies of millions of people have been published. Many used the site for extramarital affairs.

In 2014, it was discovered that journalists from the British newspaper News of the World had hired hackers to secure access to correspondence from celebrities, politicians and even members of the royal family, creating a world of journalistic holes that no one understood where they came from.

The Anonymous group, which likes to say that it only attacks “the bad guys”, broadcast in October 2015 a list of 57 phone numbers and 23 e-mail addresses allegedly belonging to members of the Ku Klux Klan, an association based In the United States which is known for upholding the supremacy of the white race. The attacks in Paris, claimed by the self-proclaimed Islamic state (Daesh), also provoked the ire of pirates who claim to have wiped out more than 12,000 accounts associated with the extremist group.