The world’s oldest panda died at age 31 in China


The world’s oldest panda bear died this past Wednesday, in a center in the Chinese city of Dujiangyan, the panda was 31, the equivalent of 93 human years.

The panda bear named Pan Pan, from which 140 animals of this species are descended, a quarter of those living in captivity around the world, died on Wednesday in a center in the Chinese city of Dujiangyan.

The panda was 31 years old, which is equivalent to 93 years in humans, and was also the world’s oldest panda bear, after having died in October in Hong Kong, the female panda bear Jia Jia, At 38 years of age.

Pan Pan, was already very debilitated, due to its age, and also had other conditions that in a certain way aggravated its health condition, the animal suffered from cataracts, high blood pressure, had difficulty feeding due to poor teeth and last July of the same year of 2016, he was diagnosed with cancer.

The animal lived in a center for elderly and sick pandas in Dujiangyan, where about 30 pandas, most of them over the age of 20, are treated and respected in the hope of preserving this species.

Pan Pan’s death was obviously greeted with great sadness by official media such as Xinhua News Agency and the Global Times and People’s Daily, which sent messages of farewell to the “pandas grandfather” as it was known, For his contribution to the continuity of the species in captivity, an animal beloved of all.

Due to their low birth rate, captive breeding programs have become an essential element in ensuring the survival of pandas.

Currently there are about 2,200 specimens of this species of pandas, of which 400 are in captivity, including in zoos.