The Woman That Defies Science at 24


A while ago in China, doctors made a weird yet phenomenal discovery: a 24-year-old woman who had no cerebellum, an important part of the brain, which holds about 50 percent of total neurons. This crazy discovery, is only surpassed by the fact that the woman, who remains anonymous, had no knowledge of her condition whatsoever and had until then, lived a normal fulfilling life, just giving us another prove, of how little we know about the brain and its basic principles and adaptation capacity.

The woman just went to the hospital with her mother, because she was constantly complaining of nausea and dizziness, there they conducted a CAT scan to see if they could found out why.


As you can see in the image above, what they found out was staggering, the woman had an empty space in the cerebellum place. The cerebellum controls balance, voluntary movement, the ability to learn motor skills and some speech, and represents about 10% of the brain’s total mass, the woman’s mother, who had no idea of the fatal condition, said that other than she hadn’t start walking fine until the age of 7 and not speaking intelligibly until the age of 6, she lived a pretty normal life, she is even married and has a daughter.

This shocking condition, which has been named as ‘complete primary cerebellar agenesis’, is so rare that the total of known cases can be accounted for with just two hands, and with the majority of the cases leading to death or permanent brain damage. The doctors suspect that she’s an exception due to the fact that whatever caused her cerebellum to disappear, happened very early in life, so her brain just adapted to the condition. May be with further study the doctors can use the same principle that happened in this woman case, to help patients with similar cases or victims from accidents.