Tesla just turned an entire island into solar power


Tesla just announced both the acquisition of SolarCity and the conclusion of the process of installation of solar panels and batteries, that will now, fully power the island of Ta’u in the American Samoa.

The island, which has 600 inhabitants was previously powered by a group of unreliable diesel generator, which were always dependent on being refilled with fuel, and needed constant human intervention in order to keep working. But due to the intervention of both Tesla and SolarCity during the last year, this all changed, and they can now rely on the most powerful source known to man, the Sun.

The goal of this project is to not only give the inhabitants a more reliable and greener source of energy, but prove the capacity and potentiality of the solar energy in a real-life situation to a whole community.

With the installation of a total of 5328 solar panels from SolarCity, and 60 Powerpacks from Tesla, the island is now almost 100% of the grid. This project was largely supported by US and American Samoa government funds. Due to this operation, the island is now able to benefit of a cleaner environment, while at the same time, saving thousands of petrol barrels a year and freeing the environment of the transport emissions too.

The solution used by Tesla and SolarCity, guarantees that, even if there is no sun for three straight days, the batteries can withstand the absence, and are able to achieve full capacity again, in just an impressive 7 hours.

Although the acquisition of SolarCity may seem logical, we have to remember that the company is still not very lucrative, something we think Elon Musk can solve without big problems.

Watch the Project Video bellow