The slit of the Larsen C block just 20 kilometers away from the iceberg


The crack at the beginning of January revealed that one of the largest icebergs could now be about to fall off, grew about ten kilometers this month alone, thus missing only 20 kilometers for it to come off completely.

This crack that earlier in the month already showed that one of the largest icebergs in the world, separated from the Larsen C block, could be about to break loose. The crevice has grown 10 kilometers this month, with only 20 kilometers to completely dislodge and move away into the ocean.

This case was reported earlier this year in 2017, and was expected to be a shocking separation from an iceberg with about five thousand square kilometers in Antarctica. What was not expected, was the almost record distance that the iceberg – included in the group of ten majors some time registered, only happened in the time period of a month. The way the crack has grown is impressive and the breakup of the iceberg may be about to happen any day in the next few months.

In January alone, the ice blocks have been spaced about ten kilometers since the last measurement – made on 1 January – and experts estimate that only 20 kilometers are missing so that the separation of the iceberg from the Larsen C platform is complete. If this happens, this will be one of the largest icebergs on record, according to analyzes and studies by researchers from the Universities of Swansea and Aberystwyth, and the British Antarctic Survey, wandering the ocean. Let’s compare this block of ice, for example, with dimensions Algarve, (Portugal). When it breaks off from Larsen C, the iceberg will be as if the Algarve region were detached from Portugal and adrift.

Confirmation arrives via the ESA satellites, where it was possible to visualize the new dimensions of the slit, so at this time, and according to the ABC newspaper, the distance between the Larsen C and the iceberg is 175 kilometers, however, although only Are missing about 20 kilometers so that they are both independent ice blocks, the predictions of total detachment dates are just speculations.