This is the sixth major mass extinction


Three scientists released a study on the discussion of endangered species. According to the researchers, this is a “biological annihilation”.

The planet Earth has gone through five major mass extinctions, the sixth, it will happen sooner than expected, thus guarantee the scientists responsible for a study published by the National Academy of Science of the United States. The authors speak of a “biological annihilation” without precedents and with consequences more severe than those initially foreseen.

For the study, scientists looked at both rare and common species and found that billions of local and regional populations have disappeared. These blame the crisis on the uncontrolled growth of the human population and also the excessive consumption of the planet’s resources. They leave the warning: “we have little time to reverse this situation”. Already in the past of 2016, studies had been presented that attempted to show that species are extinguishing at a faster pace than in the past, yet species extinctions are relatively rare, thus giving the impression (to an inattentive public and poorly informed) that declining biodiversity is a slow and gradual thing.

However, this new study takes a different approach and focuses not only on rare or endangered species, it focuses on common species that are losing partially or totally their natural habitat. The conclusion is that a third of the species that are losing their habitat are not considered to be “threatened”. They also concluded that 50% of all animals (individually) disappeared in the last 40 years, that is, the rate at which these extinctions occur accompany the growing trend of the human population.

Existing records allow us to know that 80% of terrestrial mammals have lost their historic habitat in the last century. Scientists have discovered billions of mammal, bird, reptile and amphibian populations that have disappeared across the globe, that is enough to claim that the sixth mass extinction is already under way.

“The biological annihilation resulting from the human being will have serious ecological, economic and social consequences, the human species will pay the price for tithing the only life known in the Universe”, concludes the study.

Responsibility? Human being. The destruction of habitat, hunting, pollution, integration of alien species and global warming. But the worst will be “the denatured and uncontrolled growth of the human population, excessive consumption”, says Paul Ehrlich, a co-author of the study and author of “The Population Bomb”.

Ehrlich admits flaws in “The Population Bomb,” but he says he succeeded in his focus, alerting people to the ecological consequences of population growth: “Show me a scientist who says there is no population problem and I’ll show you an idiot”.