Samsung explains the problem with Note7


Since the first fires in Note7 occurred, there have been several theories to try to explain the abnormal situation that has affected the Samsung top of the range.

The battery of mobile phones was almost always cited as the main cause of these incidents. However, according to a new theory, it seems that this was not the cause.

When it finally collected the Note7 that were still on the market, even though there were customers who preferred to keep the equipment, Samsung promised to reveal the cause of all the problems that affected this product. The general opinion (and the company Samsung itself) was that the construction of these batteries had a defect and that over time, this would eventually trigger such fires and explosions that occurred.

Lack of space may have been the problem and if this was the accepted motive, there is a new theory that points the finger not to the batteries but to the very structure of Note7 and the little space that was reserved for this component, thus exposing it to abnormal pressures.

Instrumental was in charge of reviewing these questions, thus evaluated the design of Note7 and calculated the space required for each of the different components that comprised it. The conclusion reached was that to accommodate all the different elements there was a reduction in the space dedicated to the battery, which stopped having the normal play for the battery to grow, once the batteries expand naturally.

But beyond this immediate conclusion, the Instrumental goes even further and also states that if the equipment were not collected, they would end up having even more problems in the near future. The batteries expand, dilate by the normal effect of their use, is part of the process of recharges throughout the life of the equipment, so, without such an “extra” space, would eventually burst.

The problem could have been solved with a smaller battery, but this would have made it unfeasible for some of the technology that Samsung created, making Note7 an equipment without the same capabilities that were initially seen and expected of this product.

All this is not yet an absolute certainty, but this new information sheds more light on the causes of the problems that affected the Note7 and that quite a lot of damage brought to Samsung, even after the batteries have been replaced.