Risk of collision between satellite and space junk will force evasion maneuver into orbit


With the risk of a collision between a European Space Agency (ESA) satellite and space junk, this week, a rare escape maneuver from the satellite in orbit was planned.

The risk of collision between a satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA) with space junk has forced the planning of a rare maneuver of evasion of the satellite in orbit, says CNET.

The 15-centimeter space debris was part of an old Russian satellite called Cosmos-375, and only the impact on one of the three Swarm satellites is expected to impact changes in magnetic fields Of the Earth, could eventually fail the length of a football field (ranging from 90 to 120 meters). However, the margin of error for this forecast is around one kilometer.

This planning strategy has been developed with the help of data provided by the US Space Operations Center this week and will be applied to the satellite this coming Wednesday. If they really can change the path of the satellite, the piece of garbage will pass next, at a distance of 746 meters, according to official information from the ESA blog. “We think the planning of this maneuver will be enough to reduce the risk to acceptable levels,” said Tim Flohrer, aerospace engineer for the special station.

Most of the space debris is made up of pieces of ancient satellites. In the past year, there has been damage to another satellite sent by the European Space Agency, Sentinel-1A, due to the collision with a particle moving at a speed of About 40 thousand kilometers per hour.

This planning strategy has been developed with the help of data provided by the US Center for Space Operations