Research alerts for medicines against heartburn and gastric acidity


A recent study showed that there is a risk associated with taking these medicines, especially for people who take them regularly. All drugs belonging to the class of proton pump inhibitors are at high risk.

These medications are very popular and widely prescribed; however, new research suggests that these medicines to combat heartburn and gastric acidity may increase the risk of death.

This risk is higher for those who take proton pump inhibitors, which are at higher risk, compared to those who take no proton pump inhibitors, or compared with those taking other acid neutralizers in the stomach.

The study associated with the research was published online at the BMJ Open, and was based on the examination of the clinical records of 3.5 million middle-aged Americans and the follow-up of 350,000 participants for five years, comparing groups that They took the proton pump inhibitors or other type of acid suppressants, the H2 blockers. The researchers also took into consideration factors such as sex, age and still clinical condition of the participants.

In numbers, the results showed a 25% higher risk of death in patients taking proton pump inhibitors compared to those taking H2 blockers. “The risk increases the longer the use of the drug”, said Ziyad Al. Al, an epidemiologist at the University of Washington and co-author of this research.

Thus, the percentage of risk compared to those who did not take any acid suppressor was set at 23%.

However, the risk seems to be particularly high in the case of people taking anti-heartburn drugs without always needing them, and there is an associated habituation, which justifies the alert left by the authors of the study: “never resort to this medication without the sure that it is necessary and stop as soon as it is no longer necessary”.

This is not the first study to warn on the risks of this type of medication, previous research has linked it with kidney problems, pneumonia, increased risk of hip fractures and another type of severe infection.