Radio signals from space are detected


Radio signals from space have been detected, with origin still unknown, but do not appear, however, with human origin, so claim the authors of the discovery. The research was carried out through the Molonglo telescope, and a discovery of the signals was confirmed by a team of Australian scientists.

Quickly appeared the rumored rumors that radio waves have been sent by extraterrestrial life, told The Telegraph.

Manish Caleb, a researcher at Swinburne University, explained that the high priority is where the signal and its source came from.

“Because of the characteristics of the telescope, we have 100% certain that as (radio) waves came from space. Finding where they came from is a key to understanding who it was”, Caleb explained.

With a range of 59 kilometers, with a wide field of view and unlike conventional telescopes, Molonglo can simultaneously detect signals of non-sky light, a feature that allowed astronomers to distinguish local signals from the cosmos.

But there are still for better planning, as for example as the commands to identify themselves as origins of the radio signals.

“Only one explosion is not enough to get one associated with a particular galaxy. We hope that Molonglo might be able to detect it many times”, he added.

However, it is not the first time an episode happened, as far back as 2007, it also detected mysterious radio waves, through the Parkes telescope in Australia, which soon generated speculation.

The explanation that signals are caused by interference between other signals from planet Earth gained momentum, especially in the year 1998, when it came to the conclusion that a set of analog signals, also identified by Parkes, were triggered by a microwave in a nearby kitchen.

The research continues in search of more objective answers of removal of speculations and false explanations without proven scientific basis.