A rabbit helped reveal a medieval cave


It was through a rabbit hole in the UK that we discovered some underground caves, used as shelter by the Templars more than 700 years ago.

This rabbit hole is located in a farmer’s field in Shropshire, UK, and after a rabbit had entered and investigated its interior, an extensive network of caves proved to exist. Have been used by the Templars.

This discovery is not new, but only now, thanks to the photographer Michael Scott, if it was able to observe its interior really well. He now shared several photographs and also a video of the interior of what would have been “an underground temple”, which served as shelter for the Templars.

The photographer explained that the caves are in “astounding” conditions, with some top equipment, a few small chambers, the hard-to-reach caves could be filmed, photographed and captured some of its detail. These caves were closed a few years ago, for the reason of being used by visitors to perform ceremonies of black magic, among other rituals.

This entrance, which looks just like an innocent rabbit hole, is actually an entrance to the “Caynton Caves”, a medieval underground hideaway.

This space belonged to the Templars, a dreaded Catholic military order that built its power and wealth fighting in the Crusades. Later, the caves were used by druids, pagans, and secret religious sects, looking for a secure ceremony space.

Its members made a vow of poverty and chastity to become monks, wearing white robes with the characteristic red cross. His symbol passed later, being a horse ridden by two knights.
It is even speculated that the caves may be even older, perhaps going back at least to the seventeenth century.

The higher quality images and the video now published allow us to better observe the magnitude of the space as well as the conditions in which these caves have remained until today, even though they have been used and never been sealed or isolated from tourists and curious visitors.